You can’t leave Peru without visiting these places

waqrapukara fortress, waqrapukara the new wonder

Peru is a country with a lot of Inca architecture, so its ruins are its main tourist attraction. However, there are many other places that may be of importance to the tourist.

Vinicunca: Rainbow Mountain:

It’s one of the tours you can’t miss when traveling to Peru. Just three hours from the city of Cusco, the Vinicunca mountain range is a tourist attraction worth visiting during your vacation. The 16076.12 feet above sea level will test your resistance to altitude. It is recommended that you take clothes with which you can cover yourself from the cold, a not very heavy backpack and boots for trekking.

Waqrapukara, The Fortress of the Horn:

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although it is true that they are ruins, this fortress has been discovered a few years ago, so its access is quite exclusive and, the truth, is an excellent option if you like adventure. It takes at least three hours of walking to reach its 13569.55 feet above sea level. So you will have to bring water, a light backpack and appropriate clothing for trekking and cold.

Laguna Humantay:

is located in the Anta area, in the department of Cusco and is part of El Nevado Salkantay, which is one of the highest mountains in the region. If nature and beautiful landscapes are your thing, Laguna Humantay is your best option. Three hours from the capital city of Cusco, when you arrive at the community of Soraypampa, you start a walk of about an hour and a half until you reach the lagoon.

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