5 skills the travel industry must consider on 2020

There are many fears regarding how tourism will develop after the post-pandemic setbacks. The focus on new strategies and ways to prevail despite the imminent consequences is a must for small and large travel industry agencies and companies in order to remain active. In this article, you will check out 5 key skills and tips on how to keep generating interactions with clients and boosting existing contacts on 2020.

Adaptation, the key to success

As not many countries have fully opened their borders, national and international tourism will reactivate slowly but surely. This undefined wait time for the total recovery of the sector has been giving opportunities to rethink promotions and adjust promotion methods into new insights. These steps are:

  • BECOMING NEEDS-FOCUSED RATHER THAN SERVICE-FOCUSED: Nowadays, vacationing needs to be seen as an experience, not as a product. Travel suppliers must keep in mind they can provide the escape of daily routine and even the meaning behind the effort of hard work.



travel industry 2020
The travel industry must develop new skills from 2020


  • BUILDING A PROMOTION PLAN: To let everybody know you are back you have to be noticed using the right tools at the right time. Promoting packages, discounts and benefits makes an impact if it is consciously funneled and measured through digital and traditional platforms.


  • REMAINING COHERENT: From the top to the bottom of the organization hierarchy, the main message concept has to be the same. If audiences were already keen to know about the commitment of travel providers, now the ones able to will be the only that can remain in the mind of the consumers behavior.


  • EMPHASIZING SAFETY: Bringing out the new dispositions and measurements travel institutions implemented this year are a must. Constant displays care and integrity will never be too much in the short future; moreover, this insight sets a different value for external stakeholders that are interested not just on purchasing services but on creating strategic partnerships.


  • SHOWING PASSION: Last but not least, clients look forward to the trip they plan with excitement, and agencies should be their biggest encouragers. Contagious enthusiasm and convincing conversations about wonderful destinations are essential in order to up your services.


Share the enthusiasm to seek the experience of unforgettable moments

The thrill of travel will never be gone!

This set of considerations redefine and expose the image of travel organizations and build stronger connections. The desire of travel is currently tamed but not gone and these short term actions are crucial to spark it up again.

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