Skylodge, The Mountain Hotel in Peru

Skylodge adventure. Hotel in Cusco, Machu Picchu, hanging hotel, adventure suites
Skylodge, the hanging hotel in Peru

Live the adventure in the hanging hotel «Sky Lodge Suites» where you can experience a magical night with the stars, where the facilities within each capsule, allow to provide a service of total comfort and convenience, this tour was designed for those lovers of adventure sports unique in its kind, where you can sleep on a hanging camp on the mountains of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in the city of Cusco, this hanging shelter is completely transparent.

Capsule Hotel description:

In the camp module there are six windows and four ventilation ducts in the module that ensures an adequate atmosphere where the lighting is totally ecological and has 4 lamps inside the module as well as each module has a private bathroom, inside this, you will find a dry toilet, a urinal and a hand washer. This dome has curtains in case you want more privacy with condors (possible neighbors).

Ways to get to the Peru Skylodge
There are two ways to get to Skylodge:

1. The via ferrata, which is passing through a suspension bridge where you will climb to about 400 meters high to reach the hanging shelter.

2. The rappel and its first line by which you will be able to arrive at this hanging shelter, after spending a night in Skylodge, the descent is made by one of the best zip lining of peru of 100 mt, of height completing this way this way the 5 lines that complete the adventure of the zip line.

Skylodge Cabins (Capsules)

There are three capsules, the Skylodge can accommodate a total of eight people. Each hostel is eight feet wide and 24 feet long and has a private bathroom. The capsules are made of very strong transparent material, including aerospace aluminium and polycarbonate. When you need privacy you can draw the curtains. Ventilation ducts will keep your space comfortable and cool.

All accommodations have four beds, two of them double and a master bedroom at the other end of the capsule. They are equipped with reading lamps that are powered by solar panels. The beds have quality mattresses and feather duvets prepared for the most comfortable night you will ever have on top of a mountain.

Sky lodge Peru Price

You can book a full package with Peru Full Adventure, or a night with Naturavive, just get in touch with us!

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