Is Peru a Good destination for Tourism Business? | All You Need to Know

Machu Picchu has obviously been a significant long-term attraction, while the development of other important and spectacular sites throughout the country, along with an increase in the overall standards of the tourism infrastructure in Peru, has helped ensure a consistent rise in foreign arrivals. Colca Valley, Paracas National Reserve, Titicaca National Reserve, Santa Catalina Monastery, and Nazca Lines are among the other popular attractions in the country.

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The number of foreign tourists visiting Peru each year has increased dramatically during the last 15 years, totaling more than three million in 2014 and largely contributing to the economic growth of this South American country.

Since Peru is a developing country, tourism plays a key role in the advancement and independence of its national economy. As a result, taking a South American vacation to Peru and dining out, visiting local shops, and staying at local establishments can help improve the local and national economy.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Peru each year has grown from less than half a million in 1995 to over three million in 2013. The figures represent the total number of international tourists each year, which in this case includes foreign tourists and Peruvian tourists residing abroad. Data for the following has been compiled through a variety of resources including the World Bank data on international tourism.

The tourism sector in Peru has increased significantly in recent years, Machu Picchu has become one of the most visited destinations within the South American continent. Beyond that, Peru has an enormous variety of natural and archeological destinations that are still in the process of promotion.

Is Peru a good place to do business? Of course it is!

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