Keys to resume safe tourism after the pandemic

With the cautious return of activities after the pandemic, many countries have partially opened their borders, still with restrictions, but allowing entry depending on some regulations. Likewise, the airlines have been applying security protocols at the time of the flight and different governments are outlining some measures to bet on safe future tourism. In this […]

Innovative measures to adapt in Tourism

Before the pandemic, the tourism sector moved masses around the world. However, with COVID 19, everything changed and was paralyzed. Now is the right time for agencies and tour operators to adapt to innovative measures to excel in this new normal. Local tourism Although many tourist companies used to set their sights on international travelers, […]

Tourism Recovery: Peru will invest 500 million for companies to resume operations

Faced with this COVID 19 pandemic situation in Peru, the tourism industry is paralyzed. However, quarantine is about to end, for this reason, tourism recovery is taking place counting with the central government and the corresponding organisms. Specific programs for Tourism Recovery There is no doubt that the tourism industry is blown by economic stagnation, […]

5 changes for the tourism Post-Covid 19

COVID 19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise, even paralyzing many economic sectors to prevent the virus from spreading. Among others, tourism is the activity that has been most affected. For that reason, travel companies should apply some changes to overcome tourism post-COVID 19 pandemic.  People’s Wellbeing  Despite the fact that neither the World […]

Post-pandemic tourism in the hands of technology

Post-pandemic technology and tourism

The revival of tourism needs a reinvention of the industry The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been lethal for world tourism. Those most affected are the countries where the sector was the main engine of its economy. Prior to the spread of the virus, the United Nations announced that by 2030 there would be […]