Andean Wedding “Arac Masin”

Andean Wedding Ceremony “Arac Masin”

Awaken romanticism with this Andean ceremony, where the couple is united for a lifetime with the blessing of the Inca gods in a mystical setting.

Andean Wedding “Arac Masin”

This ancient ritual consists of a spiritual affirmation that harmonizes a couple’s union with elements of nature, invoking the Apus, or spirits of the mountains; Pachamama, or Mother Earth; Mama Koka, or Mother Coca; the chaskas, or stars; the Aukis and Achachilas, or light; and Willka Nina, or sacred fire; It is a shaman who directs the ceremony.

All these to make their relationship a duality that will trespass eternity.

Andean Wedding “Arac Masin”

The Arac Masin has been regarded for years as a symbolic ceremony, celebrated by old civilizations of the southern Andean areas, which has become one of the most attractive activities for tourists, especially for those who spend their honeymoon in Machu Picchu.

Andean Wedding “Arac Masin”

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