Luxury Southern Peru Adventure

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Luxury Southern Peru Adventure Package will take you on an adventure through Southern Peru, from the city of Lima through the incredible Colca Canyon and the Andes to the jungle.  We will start in the beautiful city of Lima, where we will have the opportunity to know its history, culture, its incredible show of Paso Horses and its famous gastronomy. From Lima and its coasts, we will move to Arequipa, where you will be part of one of the best experiences full of culture, natural beauty, and pre-Hispanic architecture. From Arequipa, we will go to Puno, visit the Uros and Taquile Islands and then make the route of the sun to Cusco, where we will live the experience of being an Inca walking among its temples, learning from this ancient culture. We will travel through the Sacred Valley and its archeology until we reach the station where we will take the Hiram Bingham Train, which will take us on a journey full of beautiful landscapes and unparalleled attention, to the town of Aguas Calientes, where we will take a bus to the Citadel of Machu Picchu, a place where we will know all the ancestral history it has for us. From the Andes to the jungle, in Puerto Maldonado, where you will be part of one of the most beautiful lodges, you will experience incomparable gastronomy, you will see different types of birds, insects, and mammals among many other activities.


DAY 01 – Welcome to Peru / Overnight – Lima
DAY 02 – Colonial Lima City Tour / Overnight – Lima
DAY 03 – Pachacamac & Peruvian Paso Horse Show / Overnight – Lima 
DAY 04 – Flight to Arequipa + Santa Catalina Tour / Overnight – Arequipa
DAY 05 – Arequipa to Colca / Overnight – Colca
DAY 06 – Colca to Puno / Overnight – Titicaca Lake   
DAY 07 – Uros & Taquile Island / Overnight – Titicaca Lake   
DAY 08 – Route of the Sun to Cusco / Overnight – Cusco
DAY 09 – Historical Cusco City Tour  / Overnight – Cusco
DAY 10 – Full Day Sacred Valley Excursion + Lunch / Overnight – Cusco
DAY 11 – Machu Picchu on a Luxury Train / Overnight – Cusco
DAY 12 – Puerto Maldonado + Amazon Reserve 4D-3N / Overnight – Lodge
DAY 13 – Amazon Reserve 4D-3N / Overnight – Lodge
DAY 14 – Amazon Reserve 4D-3N / Overnight – Lodge
DAY 15 – Flight from Puerto Maldonado to Lima – Connecting Flight Home

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