North Amazon Circuit

15 Days



Per person in double occupancy

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North Amazon Circuit

In The Heart Of The Chachapoyas Kingdoms

In the Andes of Chachapoyas, we can find the perfect balance between archeology, nature and living cultures. Cloud forests embrace the fortified city of kuelap or the village of gran vilaya. Astonishing waterfalls, as Gocta, flow through endless cliffs, and we can find mausoleums such as revash, or karajía sarcophagi, unique in the continent.
Chachapoyas is surely the best-kept secret of Peru


DAY 01 – Flight Lima / Trujillo + PM City Tour

DAY 02 – Moon, Dragón + Chan Chan + Huanchaco

DAY 03 – Trujillo / Complex Warlock / City Tour Chiclayo

DAY 04 – Huaca Rajada + Túcume + Royal Tombs Museum

DAY 05 – Private Transfer Chiclayo / Chachapoyas

DAY 06 – Gocta Waterfall Tours

DAY 07 – Yumbilla Waterfall                                                            

DAY 08 – El Tigre Sarcophagi

DAY 09 – Chachapoyas / Keulap Citadel

DAY 10 – Revash Tombs + Leimebamba Museum

DAY 11 – Congona & Cataneo

DAY 12 – Transfer Leymebamba / Cajamarca

DAY 13 – City Tour Cumbemayo + Baños del Inca + Lunch

DAY 14 – Cajamarca / Lima / Ica – Overflight Nazca Lines

DAY 15 – Ballestas Island + Paracas / Lima – Flight Home

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The reality of education in Peru is deficient, as shown by the latest test of the report of the International Program for Student Assessment (PISA), which places us in 64th place out of 77 countries. Taking this situation into account, educational quality in rural settings has more obstacles to overcome in order to achieve a proper level of education.
It is worth highlighting the relevance of education in the country, since, with incomplete secondary studies, nobody would be able to study even a technical career, and most likely they will continue to remain in poverty.


At the national level, there are 43.5% of children suffering from malnutrition. Only in Cusco, 57.4% of infants suffer from this disease, which is a rather alarming figure since it is the second largest region in Peru with chronic child malnutrition and anemia.Within the Cusco region, the provinces that present high rates of anemia are:

Paucartambo (65.9%), Quispicanchis (65.1%), Cusco (62.6%), Acomayo (61.5%), Espinar (61.5%) and Chumbivilcas (60.9% ).

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