Post-pandemic tourism in the hands of technology

Post-pandemic technology and tourism

The revival of tourism needs a reinvention of the industry The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been lethal for world tourism. Those most affected are the countries where the sector was the main engine of its economy. Prior to the spread of the virus, the United Nations announced that by 2030 there would be […]

Inca Trail Guide, Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu

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Inca Trail tours The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the most beautiful and sought-after Treks in the world. But what is the Inca Trail? The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or Tahuantinsuyo to Machu Picchu Trail consists of three superimposed trails: Mollepata, classic, and one day. Mollepata is the longest of the […]

Is Peru a Good destination for Tourism Business? | All You Need to Know

Machu Picchu has obviously been a significant long-term attraction, while the development of other important and spectacular sites throughout the country, along with an increase in the overall standards of the tourism infrastructure in Peru, has helped ensure a consistent rise in foreign arrivals. Colca Valley, Paracas National Reserve, Titicaca National Reserve, Santa Catalina Monastery, […]

You Can’t leave Peru Without Eating This

If you are planning a trip to Peru, you should know that we are not only known because of Machu Picchu, but also because of our extensive gastronomy. Here we let you know which dishes you should not overlook during your visit to Peru.  We will start with Ají de Gallina, which was born from the combination of Spanish […]

You can’t leave Peru without visiting these places

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Peru is a country with a lot of Inca architecture, so its ruins are its main tourist attraction. However, there are many other places that may be of importance to the tourist. Vinicunca: Rainbow Mountain: It’s one of the tours you can’t miss when traveling to Peru. Just three hours from the city of Cusco, […]

All You Need To Know about Peruvian Culture

Peru is number one on a lot of South American travel lists, and with good reason. Cities like the capital, Lima, and the former Incan capital Cusco are rightly famous, as is the legendary Machu Picchu, attracting tens of thousands of visitors a year. But we’re going to look at the wonders of the Andean […]

Huayllay Stone Forest | Peru Hidden Treasures

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Huayllay, Stone Forest Peru wonders and treasures The Huayllay Stone Forest is located in the district of Huayllay, province and department of Pasco, Peru. It has an area of 6000 hectares. It has been protected since 1974 by the establishment of the Huayllay National Sanctuary. It is a natural Andean wonder, and is located almost […]

Millpu Natural Pools | Peru Hidden Treasures

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Millpu Natural Pools in Ayacucho, Peru From the surreal multi-colored hills of Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain and the pristine glacial waters of Laguna Humantay to the boiling river of Shanay-Timpishka in the Amazon Rainforest, Peru is home to some incredible hidden gems and natural wonders. One of the most gorgeous of these local treasures is Millpu, […]


How to Travel in The Right Way So, you’re planning a trip to Peru and have your highlights all picked out, but still have some unanswered questions. To help you out, we at Peru Full Adventure can give you advice on common questions we get asked by our customers. When should I book my place on the Inca Trail? The Inca […]


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Inti Raymi Festival Each Year on June -24 (The winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) Cusco celebrates The Inca Festival of the Sun Inti Raymi. Created by Inca Pachacutec, Inti Raymi was a tribute to the respect of the Sun God Inti. Nowadays, the festival draws thousands of locals and international visitors to the ancient Inca […]