Keys to resume safe tourism after the pandemic

With the cautious return of activities after the pandemic, many countries have partially opened their borders, still with restrictions, but allowing entry depending on some regulations. Likewise, the airlines have been applying security protocols at the time of the flight and different governments are outlining some measures to bet on safe future tourism. In this […]

Innovative measures to adapt in Tourism

Before the pandemic, the tourism sector moved masses around the world. However, with COVID 19, everything changed and was paralyzed. Now is the right time for agencies and tour operators to adapt to innovative measures to excel in this new normal. Local tourism Although many tourist companies used to set their sights on international travelers, […]

Andean Wedding “Arac Masin”

Andean Wedding Ceremony “Arac Masin”

Awaken romanticism with this Andean ceremony, where the couple is united for a lifetime with the blessing of the Inca gods in a mystical setting. This ancient ritual consists of a spiritual affirmation that harmonizes a couple’s union with elements of nature, invoking the Apus, or spirits of the mountains; Pachamama, or Mother Earth; Mama […]

Peruvian Paso Horse

Peruvian Paso Horse

Elegant And Emblematic Peruvian Paso Horse One of the many reasons for Peruvian pride is without a doubt the Peruvian Paso Horse, a species that is considered one of the most comfortable chair races in the world, due to its smooth ride. In addition, it is characterized by having great strength, beauty, and docility, generating […]

Peru, the Perfect Destination

If you are thinking of Peru as the next destination for your holidays, you might wonder what does this incredible country holds for you. Peru holds much more than just the wonderful city of Cusco and the marvelous ruins of Machu Picchu to enjoy; hundreds of ancient trails, camping sites and lots of natural sites […]

Rainbow Mountain, Peru, How High is it?

rainbow mountain altitude, elevation, rainbow mountain hike

Despite being known mostly known for the beauty and mystical aesthetics of Machu Picchu, Cusco (former capital of the Inca Empire), or the famous Cordillera Blanca, Peru has a lot more to offer tourists. The Rainbow Mountain is one of the many attractions that will turn your visit to Peru in an unforgettable experience.   Known […]

South American Camelids, Alpaca, Vicuña, Llamas

Camelids are a large and strictly herbivorous species of animals known for having slender necks and long legs. Paying a visit to the Zoo or watching a movie, we all have seen camelids, but do we know all about them? Did you know that there is not one but seven types of camelids? And if […]

Things to do in Puerto Maldonado

Things to do in Puerto Maldonado If you thought that Peru was nothing but mountains and cordilleras, you should know that this wonderful country can offer you much more, and Puerto Maldonado might be one of the best examples to prove you wrong.   But, where is Puerto Maldonado located?  One of the best Peruvian destinations […]

Top #10 Best Adventures in Peru

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Peru, a place full of adventures If you are thinking in Peru to be the destination of your next holidays, you might wonder what does this incredible country located in South America holds for you. Peru holds much more than just the wonderful city of Cusco and the marvelous ruins of Machu Picchu to enjoy; […]

How to Travel to Machu Picchu

Traveling to Machu Picchu What is the first thing that you think about when you hear the word Peru? That’s right! what comes to mind when thinking about Peru immediately is Machu Picchu. This ancient city is perhaps one of the most incredible places made by man, a true marvel that combines the greatness of […]