Luxury Amazon Cruise

Zafiro Luxury Amazon River Cruise

Sailing aboard the Zafiro is embarking on a unique journey into the depths of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Here there is room for you to disconnect, relax and discover. Aboard Zafiro, comfort is part of the essence of the experience.
The spacious panoramic windows that characterize our suites, together with our open relaxing areas, make the Zafiro an extension of the amazon; from where you will admire every last detail of the immense and diverse spectacle that the amazon rainforest represents every day and every night.
The culinary scene is also one of the great protagonists aboard Zafiro. Onboard the cruise you will take part in a unique culinary experience based purely on amazonian foods.
The amazonian journeys, with the help of our expert guides, form part of the most genuine way to get close up to the fauna and flora of the amazon; allowing you to discover and feel in your own skin, the cultures built around the waters that flow through the rivers.

Different Seasons to Sail the Amazon River on a River Cruise

Itineraries 8 days 7 nights, 5 days 4 nights and 4 days 3 nights. Departures throughout the year. In all itineraries will have the privilege to navigate the marañon, Ucayali and amazon rivers. Exploring Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and find wildlife in their natural habitat, bird species such as martin fisherman, sloths, pink dolphins, piranha etc.

Zafiro  River Cruise Location

Amazon river voyages depart from the port city of Iquitos on saturday and wednesdays from the port Nauta city, Peru. Iquitos is served by numerous daily flights from Lima, Peru’s capital. The flights take one hour and twenty-five minutes.


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