La Perla

Luxury Amazon Cruise

La Perla Luxury Amazon River Cruise

To sail on La Perla is to experience the authentic amazon; to embark on a trip to the most intimate depths of the jungle; to feel the magic of a unique adventure that will take you to discover virgin and unexplored corners; a journey that will connect you directly with the immensity of nature, where nothing matters more than what is authentic on the planet and, above all, what is authentic in oneself.
Magic is a constant in the amazon rainforest of Peru, every being, every corner, has an essence to discover and only those who have lived and studied the amazon over the years can understand and transmit it. Our expert naturalist guides aboard la Perla, with more than 20 years in the area, are the best hands to take to discover the infinity of the peruvian amazon; leading as you feel the culture and the amazonian life in your own skin .
The outdoor hammock area of la Perla is a unique place where you can feel the caress of theamazonian air in your face. Breathing becomes an inexplicable experience in a space dedicated to relaxation and contemplation— a space where you can let yourself go in the confines of a land that seems to never end, while the movement of the waters cradles you.
The itineraries are based on the seasons of rain / high water and drought / low water. All activities are optional although we encourage our passengers to test their adventurous side.
Rainy season (high river levels) – december to may dry season (low river levels) – june to november
Amazon river voyages depart from the port city of Iquitos on saturday and wednesdays from the port Nauta city, Peru. Iquitos is served by numerous daily flights from Lima, Peru’s capital. The flights take one hour and twenty five minutes.


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