Defin I Amazon River Cruise

Luxury Amazon Cruise

Delfin I Amazon River Cruise

Our new and refurbished Delfin I take you one step beyond luxury, where comfort and grace combine effortlessly with the wilderness of the amazon in the most unique and personalize vessel ever to cruise the amazon river. In a setting of understated elegance and world-class hospitality, this classic river vessel features 4 spacious deluxe suites, all of them with private terraces and two of them with private whirlpool baths, intimacy, and personal attention is the key success to our service.
This vessel feature artwork by the women of Puerto Miguel community and with your help buying this beautiful work you will help us provide the children of this community with enough school aids to be used in the entire school year.

Best Seasons to sail the Amazon

Low water season: June to october. Ideal for travelers that prefer to walk through the rainforest to discover its flora and fauna. Allows for more trail walks.
High water season: November to may. Ideal for travelers that prefer to duck into otherwise isolated corners of the reserve onboard speedboats. Allows for more extensive exploration and access via water.

River Cruise Location

The Delfin I, Delfin’s new stylish vessel begins the journey in the remote town of Nauta, Peru and transports guests in exceptional comfort into the amazon rainforest. Iquitos is served by numerous daily flights from Lima, Peru’s capital. The flights take one hour and twenty-five minutes.

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